Life is an adventure

To Love and To Be Loved
is the most beautiful thing in our lives.

We all have an inner beauty which deserves to shine.

Family pride -
Our Elders, Our Brothers and Sisters, our Children, our Whanau complete us.

Many people will walk in and out of your life
but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart

Celebrate the love, the friendship, the beauty, the pride and the connection

Celebrate the Adventure of Life.

Celebrate with Fine Art Photography by Jan Maree

Your investment $500.00 per hour of shooting… this includes shooting, processing and basic editing of files. There may also be an additional charge for mileage @ .75c p/km, USB stick, and specific photoshop work.

Contact Jan Maree to have a chat about what you would like and request a free consult and quote.


We found Jan very relaxed and cruisy to work with … we all thought she was great. Friendly and unobtrusive, she just fitted in so well with us lot! Got some really cool pics. Thanks Jan, you rock! You captured our day perfectly!

- Carolyn and Shane Coulter

Jan was an absolute pleasure to work with ... Our guests felt comfortable with her unobtrusive manner and enjoyed her presence as much as we did. We will always treasure the memories Jan has preserved for us and our families …

- Nick & Jo Grala

Dear Jan, I don't often write testimonials but I just have to in this instance. The photography session the girls and I had with you was the most fun we have had on a day out in ages! I can't believe the journey was only about 100m, if that, because when you look at the images it looks like we went for miles. We just had such fun, the horses, the stables, the rocks, the butterflies. It seems like you were so in tune with everything that nature itself wanted to join in as well. I recall asking you for a set of portraits which weren't the run-of-the-mill ones I always seem to see of children, I wanted something different but which still captured the girls' personalities, and you delivered that in spades. Thank you, Jan. You are probably the one professional I have absolutely no qualms at all recommending to my friends and family. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Louise Sharp

My parents had a wonderful time with Jan Maree. Shortly after the photos were taken my father passed away so Jan's photos are the last record of their lives together. The album is an artistic story of the love they shared. My father joked about Jan's instructions to "cuddle up"- but the result is a wonderful big picture that now hangs on my mother's wall showing my parents with their arms around each other, looking so happy and so in love after a lifetime of being together. So special.

- Thada Inglin

Jan Maree was fantastic with my grandchildren and really encouraged them to be themselves resulting in photographs that show their personalities off wonderfully … She genuinely cares about the quality of her photography, and the people she works with, and we have built up a fantastic relationship over the years, so that I now call her my friend as well. I can honestly recommend Jan Maree to anyone who wants some really great photography from an artist who cares.

- Bev Gilbert

Leaving your beloved home that has so many memories attached is never an easy thing. Jan captured the true essence of what this house meant for us and turned it into a book that we will cherish forever. Jan brings with her a really special quality that creates extra-special photos that have that x-factor. Jan has a fun factor in her photo shoots and photos but she is a true professional and gets the shots every time. We LOVE our photo book and we are recommending her to everyone we know because she is so talented.

- Nico and Beth