I have always loved to express myself in different ways from a young age – pencil ink paint words making stuff.  When I discovered photography at Elam I fell in love with the spontaneity of it - my instant sketchbook, and it enabled me to really see my world and my people.

I have a deep love for the earth, sky and ocean and feel connected with my world.  I am inspired by it.  I love people and the inner, often hidden, beauty that we all have inside us.  I see beauty all around me, in the way the light caresses ordinary things and makes them extraordinary, in the grain of the wood, the beautiful marks in corals and stone, in the soft subtle flaws in leather, in the feel of the clay, in shapes and meaning and marks and words.

I am a story teller.   I want to give people new eyes to see with, new senses to enjoy with.

Jan Maree currently has work on display at the following galleries …

Devon Lane Gift Studio,  40 Devon Lane, Pukekohe

Celebrate with Fine Art Photography by Jan Maree

Your investment varies depending on the piece … much of the art on this website has already found a home

Contact Jan Maree to have a chat about what you like and find out what is available.


I was thoroughly chuffed when I received my birthday present from my fiancé! He’d had a photo shoot for Poppy (our daughter 22 months) with Jan and then chose a photo for Jan to sketch and frame. What an awesome surprise when I came home to find it hanging on the wall in our lounge!! The sketch is an amazing resemblance of Poppy and captures her features beautifully. It’s one of those key pieces of family art that will be cherished for generations to come.

- Jayne Alexander