Jan Maree with daughters Ashleigh and Shannon. Photo by friend and photographer Tracey Scott

"I start my day with the quiet expectation that something wondrous will occur!”

I'm a warm fun-loving adventurous spirit and I live for creatively helping people. My favourite place on earth is New Zealand bush and ocean and the best music to my ears is laughter, birdsong, rain, and surf.

I have a deep connection with the world, and I express that through my ART and my desire to help others.   I love people and the inner, often hidden, beauty that we all have inside us.  I see beauty all around me, in the way the light caresses ordinary things and makes them extraordinary, in shapes and meaning and marks and words.  I see beauty in people and love to help them to see it too.

I partner with an amazing company in the WELLNESS INDUSTRY that aligns with my belief that if we look after ourselves in the right ways and feed our bodies what they need to function and restore at an optimum level then we can reach a beautiful age with all our mental and physical capabilities intact.  Just ask me how!

In 2021 I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the KAIMANAWA WILD HORSE Ranges Trip and Muster again.  A 20-year association with Kaimanawa Heritage Trust has rewarded me with many wonderful images of our wild horses to share with you. I finished the book “Heart and Soul - a Kaimanawa Story”  

This is also the year I am able to provide a home for PORTHOS, a 6-year-old stallion, mustered out of the wild.

Lastly, we have a 6ha Bird Sanctuary on the coast in Whananaki for our native endangered Patiki Duck. There, we are offering a FAMILY HOLIDAY experience, helping people connect with the land, ocean, nature and each other.  It is a work in progress.

I am a storyteller.   I want to give people new eyes to see with, new senses to explore with, new confidence to live with.

Life is an adventure to be celebrated.

“It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be”

GOLD EXECUTIVE AND BRAND AFFILIATE Helping People to be the Best Versions of Themselves with Innovative Beauty Devices - #1 Brand in the World, Skincare that Works, Internal Health Solutions and a Social Business working full or part-time to set up for the future.  

Ask Me How - let's have a chat about the challenges you are facing in your life, and see if I can help with a solution.

OWNER DEVELOPER Whananaki Patiki Duck Sanctuary and Holiday Bach, Offering Families the Opportunity to Experience a True Kiwi Style Holiday "like it used to be"  

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BFA Fine Art Degree from Elam, Auckland University, Creating Wall Art to Lighten People's Homes and Workplaces.  

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Author of "Heart and Soul - a Kaimanawa Story"  the story of the Kaimanawa Horse in New Zealand and photographs of our wild horses in the ranges, the muster, and the start of domestication with Amanda and Kelly Wilson. 

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MNZIPP Master of Photography with 2Bars, Qualified and Accredited with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.   

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NZIPP is New Zealand’s only professional body that requires member photographers to pass and maintain a high standard of quality and professionalism